The Tralcetto Story

Italo Cescon tralcetto

Published on April 25, 2012

The idea of the ‘tralcetto’ was born on a winter’s day of rest and meditation for the men working in the vineyard.  While collecting the vines that had been pruned, grandmother Anna saved a small piece of vine and placed it in her apron pocket.  When she returned home, she was assisted by her son Italo, who was a wine grower, to tie the piece of vine (tralcetto) with a string at the neck of a wine bottle.  Doing this symbolized that the wine had been grown from that vine, and that it had been produced through the hard work of grandmother Anna’s hands.  From that moment on, in 1957, the story of the ‘tralcetto’ has identified Italo Cescon’s classic production of genuineness.

The tralcetto tied to the bottle IS actually a pruned piece of the vine from Italo Cescon's vineyard.  To this day they are hand tied and applied to the bottle.